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Dive into the mesmerizing realm of Decentraland, where Tominoya Casino, the gem at the heart of Vegas Plaza, elevates the experience of virtual casinos to an unprecedented level. We provide an elaborate examination of Tominoya Casino, the ultimate destination for gamblers seeking a unique and immersive adventure in the decentralized gaming arena.

How to Find Tominoya Casino

Strategically situated at coordinates -120, 135 in Vegas Plaza, the entrance to Tominoya Casino is hard to miss. Ensconced amidst the hustle-bustle of Streamers Plaza and the vibrant Amnesia Ibiza nightclub, Tominoya Casino stands tall as the epitome of decentralized gaming. At Tominoya, each game table even has its own distinct coordinates, a thoughtful innovation to guide newcomers and expedite the navigation process during peak hours. You might find yourself warping directly to -118, 135 on the Upper Floor to engage in a riveting game of roulette.

Commencing Your Journey at Tominoya Casino

Embarking on your gaming quest follows a straightforward yet immersive process:

  • Establishing a crypto wallet: A digital wallet capable of holding NFTs and the cryptocurrencies you intend to play with is a prerequisite. MetaMask remains a prominent choice, yet an array of other alternatives serve the purpose efficiently.
  • Connecting your wallet: To establish this link, you only need to supply Decentraland with your public key, an exercise no different from customary peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Creating an avatar and selecting a name: In order to represent yourself in this captivating virtual world, an avatar is essential. Beyond basic attire, you can acquire special ICE Wearables NFTs to earn additional rewards and enhance your earnings.
  • Entering Decentraland: If you’re a first-time visitor to Decentraland, you might need a few seconds for the application to load. This largely depends on the efficiency of your PC and the quality of your internet connection.
  • Heading to Tominoya Casino: You can directly jump to -120, 135 or opt for a leisurely stroll towards Tominoya Casino. The map will notify you of your arrival once you step into the casino.

There is also an option to explore Tominoya Casino as a Guest. This mode eliminates the need to link a wallet but restricts access to casino games. However, it enables you to explore the venue and socialize with other attendees.

Tominoya Casino’s Gameplay

Tominoya Casino distinguishes itself with a harmonious fusion of traditional Japanese themes and the futuristic metaverse ambiance. Unlike Satoshi Casino’s conspicuous Art Deco design, Tominoya adopts a more calming Japanese aesthetic. The entrance, designed like a zen garden, and the neon-highlighted outline of Japan once inside, create a soothing gaming environment. Tominoya Casino’s decor extends from basic elements to sophisticated mahogany structures and dazzling chandeliers. The casino is divided into the Bottom Floor and the Tominoya Conference Center or the Upper Floor. Large screens in the conference center serve as hosts for prominent events, streams, and giveaways. During the weekends, the casino comes alive with energetic music and a lively crowd. The adventurous can also teleport to the roof for a spectacular view of the evolving Vegas Plaza.

Variety of Games at Tominoya Casino

Tominoya Casino believes in offering a buffet of games to its patrons:

  • Decentral Games blackjack: Played with four decks instead of the standard eight, it allows between one to four players per table and offers wins and Blackjacks at 1:1 and 3:2, respectively.
  • Decentral Games roulette: A rendition of single-zero European Roulette. The aim is to predict which of the 37 slots the ball will land in, with several bet limits to observe.
  • Decentral Games’ ICE Poker: Exclusively available to holders of an ICE Wearables NFT, this poker variant brings additional winnings and rights to the table.

Tominoya Casino truly encapsulates the spirit of Vegas in its diverse gaming offerings, ensuring that patrons never have to lose time searching for their preferred table.

Payments Options

Tominoya Casino, like its metaverse counterparts, accepts cryptocurrencies exclusively. Your wallet needs to support ETH, MANA, ICE, DAI, and DG, the proprietary currency of Decentral Games. PLAY, a fictional currency, is also available for practice games.

Tominoya Casino prides itself on its reputation for fair and transparent transactions. Any withdrawals requested are processed within a maximum of 45 minutes, subject to the chosen cryptocurrency.

Customer Assistance

Tominoya Casino hosts Helper robots and dealers to provide basic gaming advice and rules clarification. For more complicated queries, you can resort to the active Decentraland Discord community or send an email to [email protected]. Customer service is available round the clock to ensure seamless gaming experiences.

Added Attractions at Tominoya Casino

Tominoya Casino offers additional features to its users, the most notable being the DG coin. Holders of DG coins gain voting rights in the Decentral Games DAO, enabling them to directly influence the casino’s future direction.Special events and giveaways are also a regular feature, particularly during holidays and festive periods.

The Upper Floor area is a hub of social activity, set to intensify with the impending launch of a new segment.With Tominoya Casino’s unique ICE Wearable NFTs, players can earn bonuses and passive income while playing poker. These NFTs can also be rented out to other players for a share of their winnings.


Tominoya Casino effortlessly rises above the competition to rank as our preferred virtual gambling venue. The meticulous Japanese-themed design initially catches the eye, but it’s the diverse entertainment options that keep players coming back. Whether it’s poker, blackjack, or roulette, Tominoya Casino caters to a broad range of tastes and preferences.With a myriad of payment options and a reputation for being beginner-friendly, we highly recommend giving Tominoya Casino a try. Delve into the magical world of decentralized gaming, where Tominoya Casino awaits your arrival for an unparalleled gaming encounter.

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