Serenity Island Casino

Serenity Island Casino

Ever wondered what lies beyond the hustle and bustle of Vegas Plaza? Welcome to Serenity Island Casino, your ultimate haven of leisure nestled comfortably at the coordinates -146, 112. This isn't your typical colossal casino. No, we've redefined the casino experience, creating an intimate atmosphere that resonates with everyone longing for an unconventional escape.
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  • Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world where internet and Decentraland access is available
  • Innovation: Could offer unique digital experiences, incorporating elements that physical casinos can't, like fantastical settings or games.
  • Anonymity: Users might appreciate the privacy that a digital platform can offer compared to a traditional casino.
  • Community: Virtual reality platforms often have strong community elements, which can make gaming more social and fun.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Without the need for a physical location or many of the traditional overhead costs of running a casino, profitability could potentially be higher.
  • Cons
  • The value of winnings and investments can fluctuate with the value of the platform's cryptocurrency, which might be a risk that some users are uncomfortable with.
  • Serenity Island Casino doesn’t bask in the glare of Vegas Plaza, rather, it takes pride in its picturesque setting on a secluded strip, bordering Decentraland’s West. The artistic hands of Decentral Games have intricately designed this gem of a location.

    The Serenity Island – a complete sand island with the casino proudly perched atop – beckons adventurers with an unforgettable experience. Just a heads-up, reaching Serenity Island Casino can be a bit of a trek from the bustling Flamingos Casino located at -133, 109. But trust us, the journey is every bit as rewarding as the destination itself.

    serenity island casino

    serenity island casino

    A Guide for Novice Metaverse Adventurers

    At Serenity Island Casino, we’ve simplified the process to kick-start your gaming adventure. No fuss, no drama! Are you a novice in the metaverse realm? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your simple guide to start playing at Serenity Island Casino:

    • Choose your crypto wallet wisely: Security should be your top priority, so opt for a wallet that’s highly secure and supports popular cryptos along with Polygon and Ethereum-based NFTs.
    • Connect to Decentraland: A seamless registration process awaits you. Provide DL with your public wallet key and voilà, you’re registered. Any winnings head straight to your wallet.
    • Create your avatar: It’s not just about gaming here. Socializing is a big part of the Serenity Island experience. So, design your avatar and choose a name that echoes your personality, but remember, staying anonymous has its perks.
    • Enter Decentraland: The Genesis Plaza is your starting point. Get a feel of the controls, give the Helpers a spin, and you’re all set.
    • Visit Serenity Island Casino: The coordinates -146, 112 lead you straight to our casino. For a holistic experience, feel free to saunter around from the Genesis Plaza.

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    Can’t wait to explore the metaverse even without a crypto wallet? You’re welcome to join us as a Guest. You can even socialize with other casino goers. If Serenity Island manages to steal your heart, just connect a wallet and return.

    The Luxurious Ambiance

    Serenity Island Casino isn’t about the scale, it’s about the experience. And we’ve perfected that with our Monte Carlo-inspired decor, an amalgamation of rustic and royal aesthetics. The ground floor is dedicated to roulette, boasting a Vegas-like vibrancy. Dealers, computer-based, are adorned with Pepe the Frog aesthetics. Ascend the stairs and you’ll be greeted with classical paintings with psychedelic twists. It’s a unique detail that binds everything together. As you reach the top floor, a blackjack paradise awaits you. When you need a break, our top-floor balconies, boasting breathtaking views of Vegas Plaza, are at your disposal.

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    Games in Serenity Island Casino

    At Serenity Island Casino offer a platter of exciting games –

    • blackjack
    • roulette

    Their blackjack, intriguingly, is played with a single deck, offering a fast-paced gaming experience. The betting limit per hand is 1000 MANA, and you can play a game with as few as one player or up to four.If you’re a roulette fan, you’re in for a treat. Casino offers a classic European-styled wheel, featuring a single 0 and numbers 1-36.

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    The betting limit per wheel slot is a whopping 1000 MANA. So, let’s say you’re up for a Street bet, the maximum bet caps at 3000 MANA, covering three slots. Unfortunately, bonuses and multipliers are currently off the table. But don’t worry, Casino always revamping and bringing you more. So, stay tuned for updates.

    serenity island casino location

    serenity island casino location

    Methods of Payments

    Navigating the payment process is a critical part of your gaming journey, and Serenity Island Casino understands this all too well. With a range of payment methods that integrate seamlessly with the digital gaming environment, you can focus on what matters most – immersing yourself in an unforgettable gaming experience.

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    Ready to place your bets? Serenity Island Casino accepts the following cryptocurrencies: MANA, DG, and DAI. You can complete all transactions in just 15-45 minutes, so you’ll never have to hold your breath for too long. MANA, the heart of Decentraland, brings staking and transaction possibilities to the platform. DAI, on the other hand, is your go-to stablecoin, always pegged around $1, ensuring a volatility-free gambling experience. And DG? It’s the most interesting of the trio, bestowing upon you exclusive voting rights for future plans and projects.

    Serenity Island Casino Bonus

    Serenity Island Casino is not just about the games and the scenic beauty – it’s also about rewarding players.

    • Just as you step into this beachy paradise, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome bonus. It’s their way of saying “Hello!” and starting your gaming journey off on the right foot.
    • Serenity Island Casino also showers you with reload bonuses. So, every time you decide to refill your account, you’ll find some extra tokens waiting to be claimed.
    • And then, there’s the loyalty bonus. Stick around, play some games, have some fun, and Serenity Island Casino will reward you for your loyalty with an impressive bonus.

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    So yes, when it comes to bonuses, Serenity Island Casino is no slouch. It’s a part of their commitment to make your gaming experience not just enjoyable, but also rewarding.

    Customer Support 

    Although Serenity Island Casino doesn’t have its own dedicated support team, rest assured that assistance is always within your reach. The Decentraland Discord community is a treasure trove of helpful members ready to help. For more intricate issues, you can always drop an email.

    Beyond the Casino Floor

    Now let’s talk about the best part – the underground club! Just take one of the stairwells on the side of the room, and you’ll find yourself in a buzzing party hub. Although it’s rather quiet on weekdays, the club truly comes alive on Fridays and weekends.

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    Here’s something cool – the entire venue changes colors depending on whether it’s day or night. The gold and black palette rule the day, but dusk paints the interiors with black, purple, and bright strobe lights. This ingenious feature amplifies the vibrant casino atmosphere, making Serenity Island Casino one of Decentraland’s primary social hotspots. We’re optimistic about the future, and who knows, we might see Serenity Island standing shoulder to shoulder with Chateau Satoshi and Atari Casino.


    Serenity Island Casino is a true embodiment of uniqueness. From its serene location to the casino’s quaint ambiance and the pulsating underground club, this place is a delight for metaverse adventurers. So come over, enjoy some roulette, make new friends, and soak in the unforgettable experience that is Serenity Island Casino.


    What games does Serenity Island Casino offer?

    Serenity Island Casino provides two popular games - blackjack and roulette. Both games ensure a captivating gaming experience for both beginners and seasoned players.

    What are the payment methods at Serenity Island Casino?

    Serenity Island Casino accepts digital currencies - MANA, DAI, and DG. These transactions typically complete within 15-45 minutes.

    Does Serenity Island Casino offer bonuses?

    While Serenity Island Casino currently does not offer specific bonuses, keep an eye out for any updates as Decentral Games constantly innovates its gaming venues.

    Can you visit Serenity Island Casino without a crypto wallet?

    Yes, you can visit as a Guest and explore the casino without placing bets. If you decide to play, you can connect a wallet and return.


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