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  • Thrilling Gameplay
  • As a decentralized casino, ICE Poker ensures transparency and fairness in every game.
  • One of the standout features of ICE Poker is the ability to earn cryptocurrencies passively.
  • ICE Poker is not confined to a single location but is spread across various venues within the Decentraland metaverse.
  • Immersive Metaverse Experience
  • Cons
  • Limited Availability of ICE Wearables NFTs: To participate in ICE Poker, you need to own an ICE Wearables NFT.
  • Potential Technical Limitations
  • Decentral Games ICE Poker is a phenomenon that has taken the metaverse by storm, captivating the hearts of countless players. What makes this game truly exceptional is its seamless integration across the entire metaverse.

    Unlike traditional casinos, ICE Poker is not limited to a single venue but instead spreads its allure across various Decentral Games locations. The possibilities are endless, and the thrill of the game knows no bounds.

    decentraland ice poker

    decentraland ice poker

    ICE Poker’s Locations

    Intrigued by the allure of ICE Poker, we embarked on a journey to explore the metaverse and uncover the locations where this captivating game can be enjoyed. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as we unveil the secrets of ICE Poker’s enticing realms:

    Chateau Satoshi Casino: A Tribute to Innovation

    Coordinates: (-75, 75)At Chateau Satoshi Casino, ICE Poker takes center stage, transporting players into a world of elegance and sophistication. This Art Deco masterpiece, named after the visionary creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, offers a plethora of Texas Hold’em tables. With blinds ranging from $10-20 and bet limits between $400-2,000, the stakes are high, and the excitement is palpable. Accepting various cryptocurrencies, including DG, ETH, and ICE, Chateau Satoshi Casino promises an unforgettable ICE Poker experience.

    Tominoya Casino: Where Vegas Meets ICE Poker

    Coordinates: (-120, 135)Situated amidst the vibrant Vegas Plaza, Tominoya Casino beckons with its irresistible charm. This enchanting venue houses four exquisite ICE Poker tables on its top floor, each offering a unique experience. Whether you find yourself across the street from Amnesia Ibiza or Streamers Plaza, the thrill of ICE Poker will be at your fingertips. Join 2-6 players per table and indulge in the excitement with blinds ranging from $10-20 and bets between $400-$2,000. With the acceptance of DG, ICE, MANA, ETH, and DAI, Tominoya Casino opens its doors to a world of endless possibilities.

    ICE Poker Osiris Lounge

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    Coordinates: (-108, 135)Welcome to the ICE Poker Osiris Lounge, an otherworldly oasis where the neon lights of the future intertwine with the thrill of the game. Set in a breathtakingly futuristic setting reminiscent of a Star Trek episode, this mesmerizing venue boasts 12 bustling ICE Poker tables. Gather your companions, secure a spot at a table, and prepare for an immersive journey like no other. With blinds set at $10-20, bets ranging from $400-$2,000, and space for 2-6 players, ICE Poker Osiris Lounge promises an unforgettable adventure. Accepting DG and ICE, this venue guarantees a transcendent experience for all metaverse enthusiasts.

    ice poker casino

    ice poker casino

    The Stronghold: Where Legends Clash

    Coordinates: (-101, 128)Step into the legendary realm of The Stronghold, Decentral Games’ first poker-specific lounge. Renowned for its popularity among seasoned pros, this venue boasts a unique atmosphere that enthralls visitors. As you enter, prepare to be captivated by the semi-transparent ceiling adorned with enchanting purple crystals, creating an ambiance like no other. The Stronghold accommodates ten tables, where skilled players engage in epic battles of wit and strategy. Exercise caution, as this haven is best suited for experienced DG poker aficionados. Will you emerge victorious and claim your place among the legends?

    DEXT Lounge: A Lowkey Extravaganza

    Coordinates: (-110, 129)Perched atop a towering structure overlooking Vegas Plaza, the DEXT Lounge stands as a testament to lavishness and opulence. Despite its extravagant location, this venue exudes an air of understated elegance. Boasting eight exclusive ICE Poker tables, the DEXT Lounge is an oasis for discerning poker enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the action, engage in strategic battles, and revel in the thrill of ICE Poker. With limits identical to other locations and a more intimate atmosphere, the DEXT Lounge offers a unique experience that will leave you yearning for more.

    How to Play at ICE Poker

    Venture into the thrilling world of decentralized gambling in Decentraland’s ICE Poker by following these streamlined steps:

    1. Craft Your Unique Decentraland Avatar:
      • Head over to Decentraland.org to access the avatar creator.
      • Here, you can design a digital persona that truly echoes your distinctive style. Bear in mind, this avatar doesn’t have to mimic your physical appearance ā€“ let your imagination take the lead.
    2. Set Up Your Crypto Wallet:
      • A vital element of your ICE Poker journey is a reliable crypto wallet.
      • We suggest using MetaMask, a wallet that supports NFTs as well as Ethereum-based tokens, enabling seamless transactions within the metaverse.
    3. Acquire an ICE Wearables NFT:
      • ICE Poker adds an extra layer of excitement with a unique prerequisite: an ICE Poker Wearables NFT.
      • This NFT is your golden ticket into the exhilarating world of ICE Poker.
      • Visit the ICE Poker OpenSea page to choose from a wide selection of collections, or alternatively, arrange a lend from a fellow player and share in the potential winnings.
    4. Embark on Your ICE Poker Journey:
      • With a personalized avatar, a linked wallet, and your ICE Wearables NFT, you’re ready to step into the metaverse.
      • Begin your adventure at Genesis Plaza, the core of Decentraland, and navigate towards your chosen ICE Poker venue, be it the classic Chateau Satoshi Casino or the contemporary ICE Poker Osiris Lounge.
    5. Experience the Potential of ICE:
      • ICE Poker rewards your effort and expertise with its native cryptocurrency, ICE.
      • Rank among the top earners and passively accumulate ICE, boosting your virtual wealth.
      • Attain Diamond Hands status by upgrading your ICE Wearables NFTs to level 5 to unlock additional passive income opportunities. The game’s ecosystem strategically burns ICE and DG during upgrades, ensuring market scarcity and potentially increasing the value of your assets.

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    Dive into this unprecedented gaming experience that marries the best of the digital and gaming worlds in a highly immersive and potentially profitable venture. Embrace the thrill of ICE Poker in Decentraland today.

    Deposits & Withdrawals

    In the captivating realm of ICE Poker, $ICE takes center stage as the currency of choice. Minted by Decentral Games, ICE serves as a versatile means of placing bets, upgrading NFTs, and facilitating transactions. While DG is also present, several venues graciously accept additional cryptocurrencies, including DAI, MANA, ETH, and more. To ensure a seamless experience, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from the dealer, who will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the financial intricacies of ICE Poker.

    ice poker price

    ice poker price

    $ICE Poker Coin: Earning Real-World Value

    While ICE poker chips don’t carry any value outside of the poker game, the $ICE poker coin certainly does. Players earn $ICE by checking into the casino and completing challenges or by climbing the poker leaderboard. You can also earn $ICE if you own an ICE poker wearable and lend it to other players.

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    These $ICE coins hold real value as they can be traded on any major crypto exchange for coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, making ICE poker one of the top play-to-earn NFT crypto games currently available.

    ICE Poker Features

    ICE Poker’s appeal stretches beyond the confines of a mere casino. It is an extensive network of engaging games that cater to every player’s taste. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere, allowing you to craft your perfect gaming experience.

    1. A Diverse Selection of Gaming Environments:
      • Whether you’re drawn to the Art Deco-style elegance of Chateau Satoshi Casino, or you’re fascinated by the futuristic charm of ICE Poker DEXT Lounge, ICE Poker provides an unparalleled level of personalization in your gaming journey.
    2. A Vibrant Social Realm:
      • At ICE Poker, encounter real-life pros and like-minded enthusiasts.
      • Revel in intense competitions, challenge the top players, and embrace the exhilarating unpredictability. ICE Poker isn’t just about gambling; it fosters a lively community celebrating competition and fellowship.
    3. The Revolution of ICE Wearables NFTs:
      • The standout feature of ICE Poker is its groundbreaking ICE Wearables NFTs.
      • These sought-after assets provide entry to ICEPoker tables across Decentraland.
      • By exploring the Decentral Games Marketplace, you can secure an ICE Wearables NFT, allowing complete immersion in the metaverse’s captivating poker world.
      • Rise in the ranks, burn DG and ICE, and unlock thrilling multipliers.
      • Owners of the prestigious Diamond Hands NFTs gain privileged access to high-stakes tournaments, where the elites of ICE Poker engage in epic clashes.
    4. Opportunity for Token Delegation:
      • If you accumulate excess ICE Wearables NFTs or seek a different route, token delegation presents an intriguing prospect.
      • By lending your tokens to other players, you can earn a portion of their winnings and establish mutually beneficial connections.
      • Thoughtfully negotiate the terms, considering the rank of your NFTs and the potential for substantial multipliers.
    play ice poker

    play ice poker

    Customer Support

    While ICE Poker may not boast a dedicated customer support team, fear not. The ICE Poker Discord community stands as an invaluable resource, brimming with passionate players and members of the Decentral Games DAO. Whether you require assistance, seek guidance, or yearn for an engaging conversation, the community is at your disposal. Embrace the collaborative spirit, foster connections, and rest assured that a helping hand is never far away.

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    The Decentraland ICE Poker experience is a revolutionary leap in online gaming, seamlessly merging poker, blockchain, and the metaverse into one exciting package. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of poker, potentially win valuable crypto tokens, and become a part of a dynamic global community.


    What Level is ICE Poker?

    As a game, ICE Poker does not operate on a leveling system. However, players can climb the leaderboard based on their earnings and winnings.

    How Much is ICE Poker Today?

    The value of $ICE poker coins varies. Please refer to a trusted cryptocurrency exchange for the most accurate and up-to-date value.

    Is ICE Poker Profitable?

    Yes, ICE Poker can indeed be profitable. The primary means of earning in ICE Poker is by amassing $ICE poker coins. You can earn these by winning games, completing challenges, or loaning out your NFT wearable. As $ICE has real-world value and can be traded on major crypto exchanges, it presents players with an opportunity to profit.

    Can I use real money to play ICE Poker?

    ICE Poker operates primarily with cryptocurrencies, such as ICE, DG, and others. While you can use these digital currencies to place bets and participate in games, the platform does not directly support traditional fiat currencies. Embracing the world of cryptocurrencies adds an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards to your ICE Poker experience.

    5.0 rating